High Roller Casino Bonuses and Coupon Codes

High Roller Online Casino Bonuses

High rollers can wager a large amount of up to five “zeros”. They don’t usually care about gifts. However, a high roller is not always rich – it only means that the player is ready to take risk or he knows that higher stakes fetch more cash.

The usual amusement attraction barely says anything about VIP advantages. Endeavour to look at the terms and conditions of the game and what it offers. Here, we’ve gathered popular offers for whales based on the latest info.

Most Common Benefits

It’s a known secret that gaining a whale status online is by far easier than doing so in land-based casino. With Internet casino, you can grab up to a $10,000 bonus. Table games are played more frequently on this level as everyone knows the rules and can try his/her luck.

Most VIP games offer special gifts, such as percentage of your deposit and a fix amount after increasing your bank. Players are also invited to specific events, offered unlimited money manipulation, exclusive presents and high roller promos.

Welcome Bonus

Free spins are not that beneficial because you are there to take a real risk. Cash is more valuable. If you deposit at least $1,000 on your account, you will receive a large static or flexible (depending on the amount) prize.

Don’t hesitate in investing more amount – nothing will disappear. Some casinos offer reload bonuses. Don’t confuse them – the difference is that the latter are paid regularly after each deposit, but the sums are obviously smaller.

No Deposit Gift

Some of the benefits for high rollers include a 24/7 customer service with personal assistant, the best products and the latest secure banking system for future transactions. This is just a small part of the benefits package. The most interesting is the ability to receive gratuity cash.

Of course, no deposit gifts can’t be compared with deposit ones. Nevertheless, they are sufficient to enjoy many games free. Verify your high roller casino and decide where you would like to make your huge bet.

Match % Encouragement

Before, all percentage income depended on only your investment in the game. But today, you can get a part of each winning spin (or equivalent). It could reach 100% of the reward and even higher. This offer is mainly available to VIP players. Large number of banknotes is not a problem to them. It stimulates them to play and risk even more.

Free Spins

Though, free spins are rarely used by high rollers, they are still included in the list. A gambler can get free trials at no risk to his funds. Free spins enable him to understand the main features of the product and possible opportunities for the player.

The size is also different for whales. Here, it can rise to 200-500. Usually, it takes a day to use them all. But for a strategic player, they can last for a couple of hours due to multiple bets that can use 10 spins at a go.

Free Money

Not everyone is so lucky to have this gift. It involves a credit bonus with no requirement to pay it back. But this cash is offered for a certain period of time – usually, one hour.

Use it freely, and don’t bother about returning it, even though they are mainly large, given the fact that they are free. The Terms and conditions usually stipulate the minimum withdrawal limit. For example, If you received $2,000 for free and won $2,600 , then $600 is your income.

VIP Bonus and Exclusive Promotions

Each company tries to be different by offering some special features to attract high rollers. The most common ones are instant withdrawal of any amount, personal assistant, individual gifts, invitations to events for a limited group, special tournaments and birthday presents. .

Wagering Requirements

Only rich casinos can afford to host VIP clients. Such clients can win huge amount of cash at once and a regular land-based or online casino might find it hard to pay. That’s why there are wagering requirements in order to avoid pitfalls and still offer different bonuses.

Wagering requirements consist of a number, usually X10 or X20. It means that a player can’t withdraw until he plays the amount a certain number of times. This enables gambling companies to gather some cash back to be ready to pay out the highest reward.

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