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Progressive slots are casino machines that regularly churn out life-changing cash prizes to players. By the word “life-changing”, we don’t just mean a couple of hundred thousand euros. Some progressive jackpots could pass €10 million, as you’ll see further down this page.

Progressive machines are some of the most popular among online casino players. This is simply down to the huge prizes on offer. Most progressive jackpot casino games are online slots. However, you can also find other types of games, including video poker and Caribbean Draw Poker. So, to know everything about progressive jackpots, keep on reading! ManiaQQ


Unlike most games, the jackpot increases each time a player spins the reels. Generally, jackpots take around 7% of every wager and place it in the progressive jackpot amount. In games with one progressive jackpot, money will be added to that one jackpot, while in games with multiple progressive jackpots, the funds will be distributed in accordance with the terms and conditions.

But why do progressive jackpots get so high? Answer: progressive jackpots are extremely hard to win. Sometimes, it takes several months before a progressive jackpot is won. The longer it lasts before the jackpot is won, the higher the jackpot becomes. When a progressive jackpot is won, it is then restarted, and each progressive jackpot has a minimum starting amount.

Regardless of how big the progressive jackpot is, a player has the same chance of winning the jackpot every time he spins the reels. So, whether the jackpot has just been won or it has passed €10 million, you’ll always have the same chance to win it. Further down this page, you’ll find out some of the progressive jackpot free games currently on offer at the best online casinos.


To play a progressive jackpot game, you first need to find a popular online casino. The easiest way to do this is to read through our various detailed reviews here on this site. Each review tells you everything you need to know about a particular online casino. There are lots of good online casinos to choose from.Then, after signing up and making some deposit, you need to go to the progressive jackpot section. Some websites might not have this section. In this case, you’ll instead have to search for the progressive jackpot games. So, you select the game that looks best to you – usually the one with the highest jackpot – and start playing! misscasinobonus

You might wonder about what happens when you win a progressive jackpot. That’s a legitimate concern because some online casinos have maximum withdrawal amounts. So, one might be worried that it could take him or her months, or even years, to withdraw his or her massive win. Fortunately, progressive jackpots are paid out by the game producer (the software provider), such as Microgaming or NetEnt, and not by the actual online casino. So, if you win, you won’t need to worry about any withdrawal limits.


Theoretically, progressive jackpots have no limit it could reach. However, probability shows that these jackpots are won at some point in time. The size of a progressive jackpot really depends on the number of people playing the slot. For example, Mega Moolah powered by Microgaming, features so many players. In this case, the jackpot builds up incredibly quickly. However, in some progressive slots by smaller producers, the jackpots don’t grow so fast.

A lucky player from Finland won a staggering sum of €18,671,900 – the largest ever prize at a progressive jackpot game – while playing Mega Fortune, the great progressive slot from NetEnt. The craziest part about this victory is that his wager was a mere 25 cents! Mega Moolah, powered by Microgaming, has handed out the second largest jackpot of all time (£14.5 million) to a player from the UK playing at Betway Casino.

Mobile players also win progressive jackpots. The largest prize ever won at a mobile casino is €8.4 million. A player at Zodiac Casino, who was playing using an iPad, walked home with the prize. The slot in question was Mega Moolah – a slot that features prominently in the top online casino wins of all time. This win also shows the importance of casino promotions, as this jackpot was won by a player using bonus funds! For details about other amazing progressive jackpot wins, check out our infographic on The 8 Biggest Hit Casino Jackpots of 2017 and 2018.


In the online casino world, Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech stand prominently out among all other game providers. These three companies offer some huge progressive jackpots. At least one of them is available in most online casinos. Of course, there are also other providers but they are not that popular and therefore do not attract as many players. Since they don’t attract many players, their progressive jackpots don’t get as high.

Note that, while there are many game types offering progressive jackpots, slots always offer the biggest prizes. The reason is that slots are the favourite among most online casino players. This doesn’t mean that the jackpots of such games as video poker and Caribbean Draw Poker, are not large.

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